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I'll Take A Shot At That!

A podcast for thinkers, wanderers, and drink'n'ponderers!

We'll be slip sliding thru life's experiences greased up by the world's favorite social lubricant delivered in its most unadulterated form, schnaps!

May 14, 2019

Matthew welcomes guests from the startup, incubator, and investor worlds to discuss the state of Leipzig's growing local economy.

Gwendolyn Schröter is shareholder and investment manager at Golzern Holding – a owner-operated investment company from Leipzig. Golzern Holding invests into early-stage start-ups with a sustainability focus. Before entering Golzern Holding Gwendolyn was working as a consultant in Marketing- and Innovationstrategy for the automotive/mobility and financial industry. She is dedicated to ideas with an impact, new work concepts and a promoter of female empowerment within the startup community.

Since 2011 Sven Deichfuß has helped kick-ass people to start up and realize their vision through entrepreneurship. He worked with small businesses in creative industries in Germany, helped VC-backed StartUps in Silicon Valley to kickstart their growth engines, assessed early traction and market potential of StartUps for US-investors, advised and coached entrepreneurs through the struggle that comes with being a founder and with Neuland Alliance built an infrastructure to tackle the legal and financial hurdles of US expansion for European StartUps. 

A compulsion to design systems and an obsession with learning, human interaction and productivity have defined Taylor Harvey's 10 years of professional/ entrepreneurial life. Taylor started with temporary spaces to intentionally improve learning and productivity outcomes through curated interactions, hackathons and innovation workshops for large companies and educational institutions. More recently, he's moving towards more permanent spaces where he can implement long term impact within an ecosystem, a maker space in Chicago and now a code camp in Leipzig.

On this episode, we continue our jaunt thru the LSM range of high quality spirits this time adding the Minz °9 spirit to the mix!  

A total of nine botanical specialties, including wormwood and raspberry spirit, ensure a full body and fruitiness. In combination with herbal extracts as well as the in-house manufactory Vodka, a composition arises, which stands out from the classical Pfeffi. Enjoying the mint ° 9 at room temperature in small sips, unfolds its complex character, on ice it becomes fresh and clear. The mint °9 is not made with artificial or natural flavorings, but only with extracts and distillates, which are obtained directly from the corresponding herbs, spices and berries. Also, the color is pure chlorophyll from the peppermint and no artificial dye.

Gwen Schröter:

Sven Deichfuß:

Taylor Harvey:

A podcast for thinkers, wanderers and drink'n'ponderers.

Matthew Hendershot is your host, accompanied by co-hosts, Jake and Justin plus many guests throughout this journey, a booze fueled jaunt through a new land with new customs and rules. In the spirit of unbridled curiosity and the will to experience everything this eclectic crew set out on adventures and conversations from the unique to the mundane and take shots at figuring out this crazy modern world. This happens both literally and figuratively as each episode is properly greased by everyone's favorite social lubricant in it's most unadulterated form, Schnaps!