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I'll Take A Shot At That!

A podcast for thinkers, wanderers, and drink'n'ponderers!

We'll be slip sliding thru life's experiences greased up by the world's favorite social lubricant delivered in its most unadulterated form, schnaps!

Mar 31, 2020

Jeff Ayers is the host of the Fueled By Death Cast, the official podcast of the Deathwish Coffee Company, where he also serves as broadcast media manager. He is also a long time friend, and fellow musician. 

We discuss the impact that the lockdowns from the Corona Virus Pandemic are having on podcasters, the Deathwish...

Mar 16, 2020

Eshrat and Angela join the podcast to discuss the immediate impacts of the spread of Corona Virus on everyday people that are oft overlooked in situations such as this. For them and many like them, their everyday lives are about to be completely different, that is if they can rebuild from nothing. 


Mar 4, 2020

Kirsty and Cory Call visit with their acoustic project from Munich. The two mostly spread melancholic, punk-tinged songs while consuming copious amounts of booze!

On this episode we are drinking O'Donnell Harte Nuss Moonshine! We are excited to welcome O'Donnell Moonshine as a new...