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I'll Take A Shot At That!

A podcast for thinkers, wanderers, and drink'n'ponderers!

We'll be slip sliding thru life's experiences greased up by the world's favorite social lubricant delivered in its most unadulterated form, schnaps!

Apr 9, 2019

Justin is back on the show and we try to put into words the experiences we shared at the world famous Kit Kat Berlin, a full-throttle hedonistic debacle! But first we find ourselves at odds as we discuss the controversial new video offering from the largest German musical export in the past 20 years, Rammstein. Their video for the new song "Deutchland" may be for some the German equivalent of Childish Gambino's "This is America" but does it go too far into 'shock value' to have artistic merit? 

On this episode, we are drinking Alpen Schanps  - "SteinBeisser" - This Austrian offering packs a punch but leaves us with a warm belly and the taste of apricot on our tongue! 

A podcast for thinkers, wanderers and drink'n'ponderers.

Matthew Hendershot is your host, accompanied by co-hosts, Jake and Justin plus many guests throughout this journey, a booze fueled jaunt through a new land with new customs and rules. In the spirit of unbridled curiosity and the will to experience everything this eclectic crew set out on adventures and conversations from the unique to the mundane and take shots at figuring out this crazy modern world. This happens both literally and figuratively as each episode is properly greased by everyone's favorite social lubricant in it's most unadulterated form, Schnaps!